Starting up, moving around


My name is Nate.

I’m the CDC (Chef De Cuisine)* of a restaurant in Chicago. I prefer Head Cooker, it flows off the tongue better.

I’m pretty much your basic cook, I drink, I work, and when I have time, I do whatever the fuck I want (play video games, read fantasy books or graphic novels, watch shitty TV).

Yes, I’m a Maverick.

I’ve been a cooker for over 17 years. I’ve held every position in the kitchen and most in the front of house, which will from now on be refered to as FOH, because I’m a professional and so are you.

My girlfriend is rad and one of the best bakers I know. She makes bread, not cakes.  She loves the hip-hop, especially from the 90’s and she has sweet tats. We met when we were both baking, about two years ago on May 4th. Best anniversary ever.

She out drank me once. It was a Tuesday.

I’m going to keep track of my cookventures here. On this blog. and there will be pictures.

So many pictures.



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