El Che Stage on Tuesday

El Che is a little restaurant in Chicago. It just opened up a couple of months ago.

And I’ve got a stage.

If you don’t know what a stage is, it’s like a tryout. you gear up and go help for a day. It’s unpaid, for the most part, they do tend to feed you very well when you’re done.

I understand that this sounds strange, and to most people it is. I’ll fire off a post about it in the near future.

The restaurant is based on argentinian cuisine. Think fire. They’re known for a big beautiful hearth that they cook everything on. The

Their menu looks delicious, and it definitely has the argentinian flare. Everything is cooked with fire. and the dining room is beautiful, it is long and is filled with beautiful wooden tables. There is an open kitchen where you can see the Chef calling tickets, and the cookers sweating next to the snapping fire.

Next to the kitchen there is a long comunal wooden table that is also next to the bar. The bar is very clean, very minimalist. It sports two large mirrors that do a great job to open up the space, and make a somewhat narrow dinning room feel much, much bigger.

As for decoration, there is a very generous amount of large waxy plants that sit in a much more private space behind the host table. Their is a really great grey, white, and wood thing going on that makes the space feel both very clean and very modern. The lights are awesome they have a couple of different flavors but my favorites are the dome cluster chandelier that appers in the more private side room.

The menu, although in spirit very argentinean, strikes me as more of a french, argentinian, and New Orleans mix than argentinian. There is a lot of salsa and escribiche, and a good selection of steaks.

This place looks great, and I can’t wait until I can get into the kitchen to see what these guys are up to!

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