Great news!

I’m over prepared today for a small event and I have a good hour to hang out on a literal farm!

We’re doing a catering event for Wagner farms in beautiful glenview, Illinois.  And with this little bit of time I figured it would be a great time to go into the minor things that regular restaurants deal with all of the time: off site catering.

Off site catering is a great way to show off your business and really connect with the community. It also gives you a pretty good view at how you are doing compared to other restaurants around you.

These types of charities, usually entail a large space filled with a lot of tables for a multiple restaurants. Each restaurant usually does a couple of dishes, passed appetizer style, until either you sell out, or the event is over.

Events like this can be a lot of fun. They take a decent amount of time to prep, and the set up at the event usually takes about half an hour depending on how big of an event it is. But once that is all done, it’s usually mostly about handshakes and kissing babies.

These events are fun. Everyone’s excited about what you made, you get a lot of feedback on the restaurant and what the perception is of your restaurant, and you can barter for other people’s food with your own.

The locations can be really cool too. I’ve done events in community art centers, farms, theatres, other restaurants, hotels and people’s back yards. It’s nice to get out of your world and see what else is around you.

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