Reasons why I hate eating at my restaurant.

I fucking love tacos.

That’s about it.

Also there is this one little thing. I know what my food tastes like. I made it. I spent days, if not weeks making sure that the food we put out tastes good, and works on the line. Then there is the fact that I taste my food Every. Single. Day.

I do not go out of my way to eat at my own restaurant. I avoid it like the plague. I spend upwards of 60 hours a week running around the restaurant. I spent an entire day on the roof, fixing leaks. I know every inch of this restaurant.

For a lot of Chef’s, you get nervous. if you come to your restaurant and something happens, you have to head back to the kitchen and fix it. It’s your duty, and most of us just don’t want mediocre food going out to tables.

On any given day off I talk to someone from my restaurant at least 5 times.  That’s not something I would call relaxing.

There isn’t any helping this. It’s important to be involved in your kitchen. It’s important for your crew to know that they’re supported, but it’s fucking exhausting. Don’t get me wrong, it is not just the kitchen. It’s also the Executive chef, or the owners, or the Director of operations. God help you if you decide to check your mail.

So on our days off, we fuck right off. Where do we go? Tacos. Dim-sum. Burritos. Ramen. Anything that is cheap and delicious. and yes, it’s usually fatty. Every once in a while you’ll go visit a friend at some swanky restaurant, or you’ll check out the hot new place in town to see what it’s about.

Honestly, that’s part of the job. It’s not all about what you’re doing, it’s about seeing who’s doing what. This industry is super fluid. This week it’s ramen, next week it’ s uni. We’ll it’s always ramen and uni, but it’s important to know what’s becoming popular, even if you don’t plan on using it.

So yeah. I don’t like eating at my own spot, and even though this is my own opinion, I feel like most other head cookers would back me up.

This is a little snap of what my days off look like.

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