Giant Pt.2

Let’s get back to Giant for a second.

There is some real pride and thought that goes into every dish at Giant. It’s more than just solid cooking, It’s years of experience with a twist. It’s fun and playful. It’s like your mom had a stroke while making dinner and it came out incredible.

The best part about the food, for me, is that it’s not afraid to be simple. There is a dish that is literally onion rings, chili salt, and grated parmesan. It’s that simple. Fuck yes.

The plating is awesome. It’s not stuffy, there are no rocks on the plate. no inedible garnish. The plates themselves were different. they look like my grandma’s old china. If I found out that the plates were Ben’s grandma’s I wouldn’t even blink, and I love that.

Giant puts quality and proper cooking above looking cool and being suave and this makes them both cool and suave. This restaurant is cool because they want to be themselves.

The plates are simple. No foam, no fluid gel, no bullshit. good for them, and if some day the decide to put those things on a plate, it will be because it needs to be there. The work a style that I love. Put it on the plate and make it look like it’s never been touched.

No dots, no layered terrines, no excessive, tedious or rigorous plating. Just let the food be pretty plating. We’re talking put a sauce down place cauliflower on it and garnish with herbs. We’re talking put a pot of baked beans down and lay the ribs next to it.

Giant does things because it tastes better. They don’t have to make their own bread, but it tastes better. They don’t need to make orzo, but it tastes better. They don’t need to make all of their pasta to order, BUT IT TASTES BETTER.

Giant feels to me like a place that cares more about the food than it does about the image.

If Giant is one thing, It’s honest. Giant feels like a place that cares more about the food than it does about the image. They know what they want and they know who they are, and they’re packed because of it.

And they fucking should be.

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