I would never rant about food-o-vision.

I love watching people cook.
I don’t care if you are an amateur or a pro. I wanna see it. I love how people deal with the problems that cooking inherently has. Everything from how do I get the shell out of my eggs, I cut myself, “Aaaaaahhhhhh”, It’s fun to watch.

I find cooking is really honest. You can’t lie about not knowing how to scramble eggs, you can’t fake knowing how to make a soufflé. It’s the great humbler.

I don’t want to see someone green on tv. I want Julia, I want James. They taught people.

When someone knows what they’re doing, it’s poetry. The way every move has a purpose and the goal is so obviously clear.  It’s amazing to watch the difference in the subtle nuances in everything. It’s one of the things that makes cooking so cool.

It’s the differences that make it cool. I know how to butcher a fish. But watching Morimoto butcher a fish is different. The speed and precision is out of this world and shows you what hundreds of thousands of thoughtful butchering get you.

In a different respect, my great grandmother had the same kind of flow to her, obviously not like Morimoto but the sheer confidence of 70 years of cooking for her family made her so… She would bake without measuring cups, she cooked everything in a cast iron wood fired stove and her food was always, always, on point.

It was stunning to watch. I want that, I want grandma from the old country cementing secrets.

I can hear the kids in the back, “so what’s wrong with food NASCAR(sp?)?”  I have an answer, it’s too fast, you don’t learn anything. How could you? It’s imprecise and full of shortcuts. Just buy the cake? Isn’t that like, the point?

Great chefs don’t walk into a catering event with five pounds of pre-packed hash browns. Mediocre chefs don’t walk into small catering events with 20 pounds of pre-batched egg mix (probably not eggs), why are you making this ok?

I grew up watching food with the stars. Just like so many of my peers, I was smitten with Iron Chef, I loved Emeril and Mario. For anyone that doesn’t know, these guys are chefs. They worked with the best, they developed entire cuisines or brought them here with pride, and they are juggernauts in the industry. If you watch them, you can see it.

I want to watch that. I love that.

I don’t care about your skittle rainbow Butterfinger shit show of an Ice cream cake covered with melted chocolate. seriously. What the fuck are you doing? No one wants that. Seriously, what the fuck?

When they started grabbing people that could barely cook, I was shocked. I felt betrayed. I’m all for stay at home parents, but shouldn’t we get some that used to cook? Someone who knows the basics and can convey them in a way that people can learn?

I don’t want anyone to be confused, there is good content on food radio(that can’t be right…). Alton brown had one of the most intellectual, fun food shows on television! And I wouldn’t call him an amateur, he’s a scientist. Bobby, Tyler, Jamie, they all have worked at killer restaurants and started some of their own!

But, when you call yourself food potato (wait.) shouldn’t it be about the food and learning? Shouldn’t you be running after the big chefs, trying to see how their process is and showing off what is possible, and with time easy, as long as people learn the basics!

Shouldn’t we be more like Julia? She had a show that taught you important food things, and she showed you want you can do in a small amount of time! For anyone who doesn’t know, Julia did all of her shows in the time it took to film the show. That means there wasn’t any editing, or cutting corners, just you and her.

Shouldn’t we have had chefs table and mind of a chef when I was younger? You missed trotter! You missed Keller!YOU MISSED BOCUSE. They named the biggest culinary competition in the world after him and you’re playing with fish sticks and custard!

How do you call yourself food telegram and miss Michelin?! MICHELIN.

We have a big beautiful world full of endless content and opportunities, and you sold out. food channel (so close) you leaned into housewives, you should have leaned into the industry!

One of the worst parts about this is that there is amazing food programming out there! but they are coming out on Stars, Netflix and PBS. They make shows that want to teach you and make you better!

Even Twitch.tv, a streaming website for gamers, now has a channel dedicated to old classic PBS food shows. Mostly starring Pepin and Julia. It’s awesome!

(https://www.twitch.tv/food) Treat yoself.

Now you have a prince with frosted tips and an army of people without the basics. You let me down, food, bath and beyond.

How the do you feel about yourself?

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