Intro to New York

I flew into NYC recently, for anyone who hadn’t been, NYC is about eight times bigger than Chicago, which makes it absolutely enormous,

I went to school in upstate New York, so I’ve been to the city before, I used to cater on the weekends and we would take weekend trips to check out green city market or go eat.

I’ve never spent any significant amount of time in the city, running around and enjoying the culture, and that’s a lot of what this trip is about.

I’m doing a couple of stages but, possibly, more importantly, I’m really getting a feel for the city. It’s downright impressive how things move here. How many clean parks there are and giant playgrounds for kids. I love that when you walk through a park all of the benches are taken, and it makes you want to sit and just enjoy where you are, even for a minute.

It’s been said before, but this place is so interesting. There are so many people And all of the neighborhoods are intimately different, and beautiful but there’s a flavor that’s strung throughout this city.

The people who live here all say the same thing, New York City is hard. It’s hard to live here, rent is incredibly high and when you move here unless you are incredibly lucky, you are soul-crushingly alone.

Then they say, “and I love it”. It’s all about the experience here, and people take care of each other. Even small gestures like letting someone jump on the train when their pass just expired or giving out a cigarette without being asked.

People take care of each other here. Everyone shares the same struggle, and everyone knows it sucks. It’s awesome to watch and be a small part of it, even for a week.

At first, I was a little put-off, being completely out of your element is jarring. Then I got my feet under me and everything felt better, good even. I’ve grown to love the kiosks on every corner, the slightly dodgy Mom and pop shops that seat four. The trap doors to basements every five feet. and the vastness of it all.

There are also so many parks here and so many trees. It’s amazing to walk down a street and feel like you’re in a compacted Small town. This city is devilishly green. But then you pop off a train and it’s incredibly city and barren.

The contrast is amazing, one block you’ll feel like everything is incredibly compacted, then on the next block, it’s wide open and spacious. with a huge view of the city and sprawling city blocks. It is breathtaking.

Over the next couple of days, we’re going to reflect on New York. Talk about the good and the bad, how restaurants differ from other places and what they have to do to survive in a place with an insane amount of food, and how people in the industry move and live around the city.

I can not wait to show you what I’ve found.FFCA5C32-3DF4-4833-8D1F-F079CF26876C

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