Update Life

I haven’t posted in a while. 

Sure I’ve been busy, trying to get my head around starting a new company, figuring out how I can get the most out of my skill set, trying not to push myself too hard or focus on things to an unhealthy level. But mostly it’s been hard to write.

Ive had he time, but I’ve been nervous about everything lately. I think it’s because I’m changing my whole world. I’m not just a cook anymore. I can’t just go to work, slowly I’m starting to get to a place where everything I do is my work.

It’s a weird place to be in but it’s where I want to be. I want to be the guy doing cool stuff, putting the right people in the right spots to make sure that things are successful and we’re getting there, slowly.

My friends and I have started something. We’ve taken the first small steps to being our own bosses and to do what we want to do. I think as I’ve been trying to swallow what we’ve been doing and what it means I’ve become a little paralyzed.

I think that’s natural. I think it’s important to be afraid. I think that’s healthy. And I’m glad I’m scared. I haven’t been scared of a kitchen in years, I haven’t felt especially challenged. And now I do, and it feels electric.

I’m going to start bringing you guys along. I want you to know how we’re doing, I want to keep you posted on how things are going and to do something most companies don’t do with their public, I want it to be honest.

I want to let you know about our challenges, and how we’re growing. I think this stuff is exciting and I’m betting if you’re still reading this, you do too.

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