How to start cooking at home.

So you want to cook at home. You’ve set your mind to it, this is who you are now. A home cooker, with home cooker cape and all. Just thinking about the smells wafting through your apartment building making your neighbors jealous with hunger brings a wry smile to your face.

Then six o’clock hits and GrubHub is so easy after working all day.You sit in silence, eyeing your sugar chicken and plastic covered fortune cookie, trying not to think about the dinner you could have made. The sultry sauce, crispy vegetables, and delectable meats, freshly cooked by your knowledgeable hand. That’s when you realize it.

your bowl of chicken isn’t even hot. It tastes more like a lukewarm, slightly too firm version of something you probably could have made better, cheaper, faster. You find yourself staring at a wall reflecting on your life and how it came to this.

So, how do we make time to cook? how to we will ourselves to become masters of our own gastronomy? How do we start doing something that we are so out of touch with? Something so outside of our comfort zone?

Well, the first move is to relax.  Take all of that stress surrounding cooking and throw it out of the window. We don’t need that here. You are a cooking machine lying in shoemaker clothes.

Start small. Don’t try to cook for yourself every day for the next three months. You will burn yourself out. Creatively and physically. You don’t need that kind of pressure, not yet. someday you’ll be able to cook most days, but you have to build up to it. Give yourself one day, let’s say Sunday morning and make that a good time to cook, and eventually, maybe you’ll do dinner too, then Monday. Work your way into a routine, rather than a flash in the pan(<punny).

Find a dish you like, and find a recipe or tutorial that makes it easy. Something like what you’ll find soon at Natezore Does. Just work on something you like, even if (ESPECIALLY if) it’s something like poached eggs in the morning. You can make this, and it’s easy, and you don’t have to pay three American dollars for it. The most important part is to start. After you get eggs down, then why not pancakes. After pancakes, why not crepes? Afer crepes why not a gorgeous french omelet with chives and caviar?


Learn about food. Don’t be afraid of cookbooks. and if you’re looking for a cool one check out a blog I did a while ago Here. Cookbooks are pretty friendly now, There are great stories of people beating the odds and opening their own space in the beginning, and a lot of them go into painstaking detail of what you should do and when. They hold your hand and try to make you understand. If everything is a little over your head, then try a different cookbook. There are so many out there and one is made for you and as a bonus, most of them have killer pictures.

P.S. Be aware that until you get this whole cooking thing under your belt, you won’t make it as pretty, but you sure as hell can make it as tasty.

Experiment.  Learn what works for you. Learn where your taste buds are and figure out if you can make it taste even better. Throw some extra salt in it, add some more lemons, push your boundaries. Cooking is a learning process, if you don’t push yourself to learn you never will.

Have fun.  Cooking is not something to get upset over. You should enjoy your time learning this new craft. Just as you would learn how to make a chair, or knit a scarf. You are going to mess it up. You will end up burning something. you will over season. You will under bake something. and it will be gross, but if you spend the time to realize where you messed it up you can fix it. You will be better because of it.


Even if you have to order chinese food that night, there’s always next week.

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